Tank Cleaning

We provide tank cleaning services to help prevent and eliminate contamination within your Drinking Water.

In Most Cases we can vacuum the sediment on the bottom without having to get into the tank; the maximum amount of water that can be taken with a vacuum is 1800 litres(this is based on a standard size tank).


We offer services of a Complete Drain and Blast, this is if the sediment is too thick or contamination of vermin is present.


We Provide Filter Replacement and treatment of anolyte to sterilise the remain water after a clean. https://www.envirolyte.co.nz/product/anolyte-sanitiser-5l-bottle/


We Recommend vacuuming your tanks yearly and change of filters 6-12 months depending on sediment and guttering collection conditions.


Pool and spa cleaning is available too.


Please contact us to discuss and quote your specific job.

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