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Health & Safety Notice
Dear Customers - due to the operation of heavy machinery in our yard and also the potential risks of Covid19 in our community we would appreciate it if you didn't come to our yard and our home. Thank you for your understanding.


Water Delivery

Ministry of Health Certified Water sourced locally. We can carry between 6000 and 12000 litres per load. We recommend cleaning tanks prior to filling.

Tank & Pool Cleaning

Tank Vacuum is $280incl, a Full Drain and Scrub is $400incl (please note this is per tank and does not include any water delivery on top if required). Contact us for pool and spa cleaning quotes.

Holiday Homes

We provide a service for all holiday homes and rentals; this includes guaranteed full tanks and inspection every 3 days in dry season.

New Builds

Waterboy offers a new build and contracting set price to get those tanks full prior to moving in. Contact us for a quote.


Our transporter truck can transport anything up to 8 tonne.


Summer Season Orders

During our summer season when there is high demand, we ask that you please book via the online form at the bottom of this web page. alternatively email [email protected]

Please be patient as there is most likely a back log, our team will do there best to confirm within 1 working day.

For Empty’s, TAPS STOPPED contact The Office directly on 0800 426 269.

Low Season Orders

Use the online order form or call 0800 426 269 if it’s urgent.

$200incl 6000 litres
$230incl 7500 litres
$380incl 12000 litres

If we have confirmed back with you a delivery date, we will get your water to you on that day. During our low season we accommodate requested delivery times as much as possible.

In the summer season we need to manage a very demanding schedule. We want to get your water to you as soon as possible. We can have the driver call/text you when he is on his way if necessary. However, please refrain from phoning before 6am to see what time the driver will be there. Additional calls made to us means other people wanting to order water can’t get through. If it is getting into the evening and your water hasn’t arrived yet, feel free to phone us on 0800 426 269 to follow up.

Confirmation of delivery (or your place on our summer waitlist) will be made by return text, telephone call or email to you. If you haven’t received confirmation back, then your order is not confirmed.

During summer when demand is high, we ask that orders are placed via our website . . . This ensures the fastest response and you will receive confirmation of your delivery.

At other times of the year (outside of summer), you will receive confirmation back, usually in the same way you requested a delivery.

All Work and Income Customers need to contact their case manager for a purchase order number in order to book their delivery via web form, email or phone; details required by us are client number, name, mobile, email and address.  If you don’t have a client number already apply here,


Senior Pensioners are entitled to $500 per year of Water, more information here:

Our tankers need driveway access of 3 metres tall by 3 metres wide. If you have a driveway surrounded by vegetation and overhanging trees, please ensure they are trimmed back to allow access. If you visualise a line from the edges of your driveway vertically and horizontally by 3 metres, anything within that space needs to be trimmed.

We carry 60 metres of hose. If your tank is further than 60 metres from the truck, you will need to let us know in advance of delivering. If our tanker arrives to your address and we’re unable to supply due to the distance to the tank, a call out fee may be incurred.

If the tanker is required to access your tank by driving into a paddock or on grass that you wouldn’t take your own vehicle, please consider alternative access for us (eg. neighbour’s driveway – ask them first!).

Dogs need to be tied up and gates left open where possible (or gate code advised).

Where there is no reasonable access or we have not been advised prior to delivery of any of the above, we take no liability for damage incurred during delivery.

Generally, we don’t need anyone to be home at time of delivery as our drivers can locate most tanks. Some customers send us a photo of their tank location. If there are special delivery instructions, a gate code or dogs on your property, please advise these details when making a booking.


We require at least 48 hours of your intention to cancel an order.

1) Please phone the Office direct on 0800 426 269.
2) Please also email: [email protected]

If it’s during the summer season and you are struggling to get through on the phone to the Office, it’s imperative that you email us: [email protected] .  If we don’t receive advice of your cancellation you will be charged the full amount for your delivery.

If your taps have stopped, you most likely are 🙂

Our water tankers carry:
6000litres (1/4 of a standard size tank)
7500litres (approx 1/3 of a standard tank)
12000litres (1/2 of a standard size tank)

Depending on how dry the season is or how desperate you are we like to make our decision in the busy months as to how much water we deliver to your home around this😊 so this means only 6000litres, 9000litres or 12000litres at a time.

That’s no problem. We can supply smaller amounts, however as the primary costs incurred in the transportation and the time taken for our driver to deliver remain the same, we will need to charge the full tanker load.

Most standard size concrete and plastic tanks are 24,000 litres, 25,000 litres or 30,000 litres.

(average 200 litres per person per day)

6000 litres in the dry season can last a family of 4 if conservative 1-2 weeks (average 200 litres per person per day). Please take into consideration outlets/reserves: where they are in the tank as higher up outlets will leave a unusable remainder of water in your tank.

  •  Keep an eye on your water tank levels. If you don’t have a tank level indicator, grab a ladder and have a look inside your tank. An easy way to remember to check your tank levels is to link it with another habit, ie. every time you put out your rubbish bin for collection, check your tank. Keep a ladder handy to the tank for this purpose.
  • A tank level indicator is in our opinion, an essential and wise investment. You don’t have to spend a lot but the inconvenience involved in running out of water costs a lot more! Contact us for a recommendation as to where to obtain a cost effective tank level indicator.

Tanks should be inspected annually and cleaned if necessary. Tank cleaning should ideally be carried out by a professional tank cleaning contractor. Contact us for this service as its one we provide and help you maintain a healthy tank and drinking water.

Vacuum $280incl

Full Drain and Scrub $400incl (please note this is per tank and does not include any water delivery on top if required)

(before any cleans are commenced we recommend all gutters are cleaned, we can help finding a professional to help you with this)

The Process is similar to vacuuming your floor. We try our best to vacuum the sediment off the floor of your tank from the lid (this does not require us to enter the tank) The maximum amount of water a vacuum can take is about 1500litres. This Process will not eliminate the sediment completely nor clean the sides.

This is only required when the water is contaminated and is no longer potable drinking water. We sometimes will also drain a tank upon the vacuum being unsuccessful due to sediment thickness (this is done on client approval prior). Our guys will come and pump all contaminated water out either into our cleaning truck or on your garden if you prefer from here they will enter the tank and manually scrub and hose the tank down with the remainder of the dirty water sucked out. Unfortunately when we need to drain a tank for any reasons we have to discharge of the water: meaning we cannot pump the water into our delivery trucks, clean the tank and then pump back in, as this becomes a health issue.

Our recommended treatments for treating water tanks from home are Pour N Go or Original Bleach (Pour N Go is proven safest for human consumption)

Information for Treating With Bleach can be found here

Pour and Go can be purchased from few retail stores i.e. Mitre 10 and Bunnings. Please Always Read Specifications on all products you buy regarding treating potable water.

Treating water tanks needs to be an ongoing process for it to be successful, gutter fed tanks are always bound to have bacteria/e coli within the water and for most people these don’t affect however immunity comprised I cant stress enough how important this is to keep on top of dosage.

The Most cost-efficient way of making sure your drinking water is bacteria free is to boil it prior to consuming but this does not solve the underlying problem.

We do not recommend testing the water from gutter fed tanks as 95% of results will be positive. However, we do recommend testing when a person has become ill from the bacteria such as Campylobacter.

We stock most household filters and recommend these are changed every 6 months, please enquire within about this service.

Please email the team for any further info, price, dates around your requirements. Please Note In dry seasons pool fills are not priority and we have important restrictions around these, so we recommend to be organised when rain fall starts to become minimal closer to November.

Our 2 main water sources come from a bore that is all ministry of health certified and treated with uv filtration. We do not treat our water with chlorine as we like to keep it in its purest form to rainwater and pleasant for the taste buds.

Occasionally in dry seasons we may have to cart the odd town supply in if needed however this is last resort.


Waterboy is a family owned and operated business and have been servicing Mangawhai for the past 15 years. Ben and Hannah, took over ownership of the company 5 years ago and have been running a highly successful and reputable company.

​WaterBoy is a Local Business situated in Mangawhai. They have been servicing Mangawhai with Ministry of health certified water and professional service for the past 5 years.

​Hannah and Ben are passionate about the community and help local businesses and volunteer services such as the fire brigade in any way they can.

Order Water

Online ordering is for Mangawhai Village and Heads. If you live outside of this area please call us to arrange.

During the summer season we are very busy and there can be a wait, so we recommend you check your tanks and book in advance to ensure you don’t run out of water. If you do run out of water call us on 0800 426 269.